Easipadel Courts

Our selection of padel tennis courts


WPT Special Edition

Easy to install, high performance padel system for professional tournaments and game play.


Easipadel Gold

Offering optimal spectator viewing, the easi-padel platinum court toughened glass panes perfectly align with the entire perimeter of strengthen steeled structure frame.


Easipadel Silver

For the ultimate club playing experience, the Easipadel Silver high-grade strengthened steel frame is welded in the factory to produce a self-supporting structure, ready for on-site instalment.


Easipadel Bronze

The best budget padel court in the market, for small sports clubs and budget builds.


Did you know the ROI in padel ?

One Padel court occupies less than half the size of a Tennis court. (1 Tennis court* = 2/3 Padel courts). Typically, only two people play tennis. Padel is mostly played by four players. Once one Tennis court is converted into three Padel courts; in the same space where only two people played tennis (1 Tennis court), now 12 people would play Padel

Tennis clubs could enjoy triple of the profit from converting to padel.