What is Padel ?

The fastest growing fun and healthy sport in the world


Easy to learn

It can take as little as five minutes to pick up your first padel racket and enjoy a rally with friends and family – one of the main reasons the sport is the fastest growing ball games in world. It’s a sport with a high fun factor. The courts are smaller than tennis – approximately a third of the standard size – and a lot less restrictive than a squash court. Outdoors or indoors, padel courts offer excellent viewing options for spectators. It also represents good value for players and court owners alike, as you share court hire costs with up to four people, and only need access to a racket and ball for everyone to play.


Played worldwide

Figures suggest up to 10 million people play padel in Spain, overtaking tennis as a sporting activity. In Argentina it is believed the game is growing at such a fast pace, it’s more popular than football. More than 18 other countries are picking up on the padel popularity, and even famous sports stars including tennis legends Murray, Nadal and Djokovic all enjoy a match.


Built for all

A sport accessible to all ages and racket ball game abilities, padel is noted for its fast-paced, long rallies. Padel is played with a string-less racket, but with the same ball as used in tennis. All serves are underarm, with shots hit from or below waist level. Most commonly played in doubles, the court is usually 10 metres wide and 20 meters long, with a 3-metre-high wall surround. Walls play a part in the game, however, most of the scoring methods, counts and rules are similar to tennis.