Testing & Accredition

International Padel Federation (FIP) Compliance

Easi-Padel works with world-leading sports surface and structure testing experts to ensure all courts comply with safety and performance standards, year-on-year.

Holding one of the largest scopes of ISO 17025 accreditation in the world linked to sports surface site and laboratory testing, the Easi-Padel recommended test house use the latest in survey technology to ensure maximum International Padel Federation (FIP) compliance for players.


Padel benefits

  • Easi-Padel recommends that all clubs, commercial and educational clients have their padel courts facilities tested at least every two years to be compliant to federation standards.
  • Our trusted testing house partners provide clients with cost effective professional testing and certification services throughout the UK and internationally.
  • Field site tests include slip, skid and traction tests.
  • Annual Easi-Padel maintenance will ensure all surfaces and structures meet all the testing requirements for player welfare and sports industry compliance